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FOOT: Idrissa Gueye would have refused to play with PSG on Saturday so as not to wear flocking to fight against homophobia

The player explained his refusal to play by his state of fatigue but this is the second time that he has refused to play a match where PSG wears the rainbow jersey.

According to the newspaper The Team, this absence from the Senegalese community would have aroused many internal comments after the meeting since Gueye had already been absent during the day against homophobia last year for a “gastro”. The entourage of the Parisian milieu explains, however, that this absence was certainly due to the gala evening organized on Thursday for his association. “For Hope”.

Regardless of the justification put forward, the association for the fight against homophobia in sport, Rouge Direct, demanded explanations from the community trained at LOSC. “Homophobia is not an opinion but a crime. The LFP and the PSG must ask Gana Gueye to explain himself and very quickly. And sanction it if necessary”, tweeted the association, Sunday, May 15.

A call for sanction to which Valérie Pécresse joined. The LR president of the Île-de-France region was indignant at the inappropriate behavior of number 27, who is currently on a promotional tour in Qatar with PSG. “The players of a football club, and those of PSG in particular, are figures of identification for our young people. They have a duty to set an example”, wrote the former presidential candidate. "A refusal by Idrissa Gana Gueye to join the fight against homophobia could not remain without sanction!" However, according to France Bleu, the Parisian club “does not intend” to crack down.

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