Preview of the Film “The King’s Warrior”


Prince NOTCHEGWOM, hunter and heir to the LENG kingdom is unjustly accused of wanting to snatch the throne from his twin brother. He resolves himself from his village in the company of a few servants, thus embarking on a blind adventure during which death rubs shoulders with them.

Mourning for some of his companions, he meets SOUOP, an elderly man in exile with his children. They become friends and decide to walk together. In their discovery of the unknown, they fight single combat with ferocious beasts and raiders who terrorize and plague the region.

After a single combat which pits him against the formidable bandit TATAMO, NOTCHEGWOM decides to settle down and ensure the safety of the weakest and the slaves. From then on, his notoriety and his exploit made him have the recognition and the fear of the other leaders of the region. This is how he resolves to make his father's kingdom grow.

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Written by JenJam

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