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Yodé and Siro's 25-year career concert: A more than successful bet.

Abidjan on October 22, 2022. The concert marking the celebration of Yodé and Siro's 25-year career was held this Saturday at the Palais de la culture in the presence of Laurent Gbagbo, Adama Bictogo and several artists.

On the occasion of their twenty-five-year career in music, Yodé and Siro wanted to mark the occasion. With a rich musical repertoire and great mastery of the stage, Le duo Zouglou sold out as usual.

They were supported by several artists from the old and new generation such as Soum Bill, Magic System, Samy Success, the Leaders, Hope 2000 (represented by Pat Saco), Julien Goualo Kerozen, Les Patrons, Didi B and many others. others.

Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo was present and had his companion Nadiany Bamba by his side. The public present at this event cheered Mr. Gbagbo.

The President of the Ivorian National Assembly, Mr. Adama Bictogo also attended the concert.

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