Wizkid: The artist misses two concerts in Accra and Abidjan last weekend.

Expected in Abidjan for a concert this Sunday, December 11, 2022, Wizkid did not honor his commitment. Announced for 19 p.m. GMT, it was around 22:30 p.m. that the public was informed of the absence of the Nigerian star who went to Cotonou in Benin, for a festival (the second scene he was to do after that of Abidjan).

According to the information received by our sources living in Abidjan, it is a private concert whose entrance prices vary between 50 thousand, 100 thousand and 150 thousand FCFA per person for a fee of 100 million FCFA (160.000 dollars US).

Scheduled for a festival in Ghana on December 10 in Accra, the artist and his staff reproduced the same scenario. He issued the solemn pledge after literally snubbing his fans by refusing to take the stage when he realized that ticket sales for the event were way below his expectations and couldn't even fill the half of the stadium in Accra, the venue for his concert.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian popstar has apologized via a statement posted on his social media, saying he will make amends by putting on a massive show just for his fans in Ghana.

According to several Ghanaian media, he would have refused to perform on the pretext that the organizers would not have fulfilled certain formalities of the contract. It was therefore furious Ghanaians who had to leave the stadium around 4 a.m. hoping to see the Nigerian singer.



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