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The towel burns between Booba and Didi B

The great complicity between rappers Booba and Didi B deteriorates considerably. The boss of the 92i label squarely attacked his colt Didi B. The latter's latest musical releases, in collaboration with Dadju and Franglish, have not received the approval of the Duke of Boulogne. And he did not fail to let it be known via his social networks

“Wsh didiiii Bat*rde. We had planned for you… Now, prepare your parachute. The jump will be high. Very high."

Sharing this warning, Booba took the opportunity to put on a layer: “He is blinded by his mega oversized ego. He believes he is master every time. He wants fame above all else, even if it means smearing our brand and getting mixed up with dried fish… The path is long, he has no principles. »

It's hard to say if the collaboration will continue between 92i and the Ivorian Didi B, but for the time being Booba no longer seems to appreciate his artist's choices.

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Written by JenJam

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