Two Siamese twins were separated last weekend at the Mother and Child Hospital Center in N'Djamena. The operation, described as a success by the Ministry of Health, was carried out by four surgeons, namely Dr Mahamat Nour Abakar, Dr Olivier Ngaringuem, Dr Bembo Lamega and Dr Djianone Kalki, assisted by two anesthesiologists, Dr Adjougoulta Bonté and Dr Gombako Amilcar supported by anesthesia technicians, operating theater staff and the pediatrics team. This is the first successful intervention of its kind, carried out in Chad.

According to specialists, the birth of Siamese is a rare event. "Siamese are one in one hundred and fifty thousand (1/150) live births," he says.

The Mother and Child Hospital has in the past separated five (5) False Siamese. In these cases, “when the separation is carried out, the life of one automatically stops and the other continues”.

It should be noted that the achievement of this first separation of Siamese twins in Chad marks a major step in the advancement of medicine in the country.

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