Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcome their second son

Several months after revealing her new pregnancy on the Super Bowl halftime stage, Rihanna has given birth to her second child. The sex of the latter has also been revealed by our colleagues from TMZ.

A new happiness arrives in the life of Rihanna: she is again a mother! After a first son in May 2022, the pop superstar gave birth to a baby boy. Revealed by the American media Take Out ten days ago, the information was confirmed this Monday evening by TMZ.

The birth flew under the radar of paparazzi, who were on the lookout for appearances of the singer and her baby bump. The two artists have thus declined all interview requests from the American media, no doubt in the desire to preserve these first moments together, as a family.

For now, the happy parents have not confirmed the information, and may not. Because Rihanna and Asap Rocky cultivate secrecy when it comes to their little family. If their first child was born in May 2022, they did not reveal his face for the first time until December. And we had to wait a few more months to discover his first name. It was not until May 2023 that we learned that the adorable little boy was called RZA, a tribute to the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.

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