Paul Pogba confirmed positive for testosterone, according to a second opinion

The B sample requested by Paul Pogba after his positive test for testosterone, revealed in September, turned out to be positive. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported this on Friday. The 30-year-old French international midfielder tested positive during the match between Udinese and Juventus (0-3), which he did not play, on August 20.

The analysis of the sample took place on Thursday at the Acqua Acetosa laboratory in Rome in the presence of experts chosen by Juventus lawyers.

The international midfielder (91 caps) is liable under the World Anti-Doping Code to a four-year suspension which could however be reduced by half if he manages to demonstrate non-intentionality.

It could even be limited to a few months if the use of the substance took place “outside competition and is not linked to their level of performance”.

For the moment, Paul Pogba has not yet reacted publicly to this news. Juventus Turin, for its part, published a press release indicating that it would fully collaborate with sporting authorities to shed light on this matter. The club also faces the possibility of losing one of their most valuable players for an extended period, which could have a significant impact on their league performance.

Banned from training and deprived of salary since the start of his provisional suspension, Paul Pogba could also see his adventure at Juventus end sooner than expected. Under contract until June 2026 with the Turin club, the midfielder, who worked in Le Havre and Manchester United, earns between 8 and 10 million euros annually in Italy.

But with his positive test for testosterone, the Bianconeri could terminate the Frenchman's contract.


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